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Ad Lucem

The Luciferian flame has been truly lit. Its flame has grown after my travels in the underworld and rekindled so I can be a light to others. Emerging from Hell, I want to send greetings to everyone who is traveling outside the common river and instead forging their own roads.

I am Satanic in body and Luciferian in Spirit. Sounds controversial? I know but allow me to explain. Satan is seen as the archetype of the adversary, and that is exactly what it is in relation to Christianity.

Christianity wishes to separate man from his nature, from nature itself. The actions labeled sins within the Bible are but human nature, an attempt to create a schism between us and reality.

When we place Satan at our sins/nature, we have the adversary of God (sins), since we are supposedly disobeying his commandments.

So, when I claim to be Satanic in body, I am saying that I respect and love my nature and embrace our innate instincts.

When I refer to myself as Luciferian in Spirit, I am of course carrying the following archetypes as well. Lucifer is the Morning Star, the Bringer of Light. He rises at Dusk carrying the Sun behind him.

Claiming one to be Luciferian is claiming that one looks within himself to seek the light, that one is a free thinker, that one is an enlightened individual who travels to the boundaries of the cosmos for eternal knowledge.

A Luciferian will not bow to another being’s superiority, they themselves hold the lock and key to their own future, they themselves control the limitations of their mind. Through observation alone we have created our existence, beware what you perceive though since you both build and destroy your own reality.

Not so long ago, having returned to my predominantly Catholic country, I was walking through this park engulfed in nothingness, when a passerby asked me "Why do you look so happy?"...I hadn’t noticed at first that I was happily smirking away, and then I realized my face was radiantly smiling. I said to him "I have been walking through this park since I was a child, I have only finally killed God, and I can now see how beautiful everything around me actually is." He looked shocked, taken aback, he gave me the evil eye and said, “You’ll be in hell boy" Still smiling I replied, "This is hell, and it is beautiful, heaven is for those who are not pleased with what they have." I bade him farewell and walked on...

You see in Christianity neither morality nor religion comes in touch at all with reality. Only imaginary causes. This purely fictitious world distinguishes itself, very unfavorably from the world of dreams: The latter reflects reality, whereas the former falsifies, depreciates and denies it. Once the concept 'Nature" was taken to mean the opposite of the concept of 'God', the word 'Natural' had to acquire the meaning of abominable.

Ain Soph Aur - Patrick Gaffiero

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