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"The human physical body is constructed from elements within the earth and elements that have landed on the earth via meteorites. That's an indisputable fact is it not?

Some of these elements are metals, minerals and water. However, the element within our physical body that has its own behavior is bacteria.

The physical body is a habitat for bacterial pathogens. Now under a microscope we identify that certain bacteria have alien like features such as teeth and claws.

The bacterial kingdoms existed before the inception of animals, demons and human being.

Bacteria is erratic in nature and extremely unpredictable.

Lucifer knew very well as he observed Adam's construction in heaven that Adam was compiled using unpredictable bacteria.

Bacteria affects our mind, health and spirituality. All cancers commence as bacterial infections.

Lucifer is an analyst of the highest noble degree under God. He has proved that us humans are unpredictable in nature and selfish by using his analytical capabilities.

Ladies and gentlemen Lucifer is not some horned fork wielding psychopath.

He is more intelligent than all of us humans combined."

Take good note....

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