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Firstly, I would like to commend the tremendous work Rev. Patrick has been doing to help spread Luciferianism around the world, despite living in a society that is entirely (and virulently) anathema to spiritual or religious autonomy. His strength and bravery should stand as an inspiration to every Luciferian the world over!

To those who do not yet know, I converted to Judaism over a couple of years’ time and had passed the Church of Lucifer and thus, Luciferianism as it stands, over to Reverend Patrick, please let me explain a bit. I found out I am an ethnically Ashkenazi and Mizrahi (Arab) Jew several years back, that is not why I converted however and in fact had little to do with it. I contacted our local Jewish federation, and they quite literally sent me a box of books on Jewish history, culture, cuisine, peoplehood and yes, Judaism, but I was a Luciferian and cared nothing for Judaism, I just wanted to know more about who I was and where I came from.

I began reading and studying everything and learned more about Judaism and quickly learned that Judeo-Christian is a joke, Judaism is nothing like Christianity, that would be like saying Wiccan-Christian or Satanic-Wiccan. The more I studied Judaism, the more I wanted to learn and the more I learned, the more I learned that the Kabbalah I knew, was heavily Christian influenced and I wanted nothing to do with Christian anything in my life.

I met with Rabbis locally, they began teaching me and I formally began the conversion process, because to truly understand actual Jewish Kabbalah (not the Christian bastardized Solomon works), you must be a knowing and practicing Jew. I converted freely, most of my friends in the occult are still my friends, some had questions, which I was happy to answer, but it was all very much so accepted and considered “It’s your path walk it” by most. Quite literally, it was beautiful…

If it wasn’t for the freedom afforded to me by the left-hand path, by Luciferianism and Luciferian teachings, I wouldn’t have converted, I would have felt trapped, unable to seek the wisdom and knowledge I wanted to. I may be considered right hand path today as a Jew, but I will NEVER speak ill of Luciferianism or Luciferians, nor of those practicing the left-hand path, as it had led me to where I am today and has never led me to self-destructive means.

…that being said…

Most recently Reverend Patrick was a guest on Maltese television to speak about Luciferianism and he did so with all the tact and grace that in my opinion would have made Reverend Stills himself a proud man!

On the heels of his appearance, of course there was backlash by those who would be most affected by any form of rise in spiritual or religious autonomy in Malta (or the world for that matter), the Catholics. Whilst most other Christian sects will fritter away shouting “SATAN IS THE DEVIL AND THE DEVIL IS BAD OKAY,” the Catholics have always brought with them a certain degree of panache which is often self-reflective in nature. Let’s not forget the Catholics and the “Jews killed Jesus,” as they forget it was Romans who had conquered the holy land at the time and who had supposedly killed their myth Christ, but hey, then they built their holiest place in Rome.

The Catholics have always created blood libels against Jews, which led to pogroms throughout Europe and mass slaughter of Jews, Pagans, Muslims, and even other Christian sects… but forget about all that, let the tell you about how bad Luciferianism is. Forget about the burning times, forget about the inquisitions, forget about the crusades, forget about the numerous blood drenched battles between Catholics and every other sect of Christianity, forget about the blood-stained forced conversions throughout history, it was all for the greater good, am I right?

Even in our modern era, Catholicism has fought tooth, nail and bullet against Protestantism, and has pushed “the passion play,” which was used to murder countless Jews throughout Europe since it was written. Yet, they are the moral compass by which we should all sit upright, prick our ears towards and listen about the evils of Luciferianism and the occult!

Speaking of morality, let’s all just forget the tens-of thousands of children and nuns who were raped by priests, who the Church simply sent to other Churches in other countries to cover it up, leaving the victims to suffer for decades if not longer. Why, just in a French report…

That was only one country, I would be willing to bet a kidney that the total international number of rape victims by the Church are in the millions… but let’s forget that, the Catholic church is the voice of morality… they are the voice of better holy judgement…

Let’s not forget that Pope Piu XII, leader of all Catholicism, the holy father, knowingly withheld information on the Holocaust and supported Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Regime as well…

Just look at those smiles… nothing evil there!

So, recently when a member of the Catholic Priesthood proclaimed that Luciferianism has any link to Nazism, it must be stated that this is merely a projection of what Catholicism has had going on all along. What’s next, for them to claim Luciferians in the Priesthood diddle Children? Or maybe that we’re antisemitic, or hate pagans?

If I didn’t know better, I would think that the church father listened to and read nothing on true Luciferianism and instead looked in a mirror and projected. If you harm animals or children in Luciferianism, well for one, I hope you die slowly and painfully, but two you are gone, done, you are the antithesis of a Luciferian as you’ve forced yourself over onto another’s free will, taking away theirs. To us, if you were to do that you are less than a flea, you are less than a human being, less than an animal, and your life is null, void, and worthless to the point that if you died, we may celebrate the one who killed you.

As for the claim that Luciferian are Nazi’s, one of the first international wings of the Church of Lucifer that I even initiated was in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, led by Deacon Paulo who was dating a black man, this was in around 1998. My own sons are on the autism spectrum of which Nazism killed all children with birth defects… and several of my best friends are Transgender and have been for many years.

Bear in mind, not every Luciferian is as open minded as the next, some may be downright closed minded to a point (Free will and freedom of thought), but Nazism and Luciferianism do not mix. I help Reverend Patrick run the back-office stuff with the C.O.L. as H.P. Emeritus, do you think if we were Nazi, the bottom photo would have happened?

Me next to my friend, Hassidic Jew rapper Nissim Black

As a voice from once inside and now outside, as a voice of reason and logic, I loved and still love Luciferians and Luciferianism and the occult, and yet I am fearful of what the Catholic church is capable of and what their priesthood does and has done to the innocent. As a Jew both ethnically and a practicing Jew I have never felt fearful of my friends and brothers/sisters from the occult and we still love and treat each other the same as always, with kindness and respect, but I have gotten hate from Christian friends (not all), mostly Catholic when they have found out.

If it were not for the occult, spending 30 plus years heavily invested, I would not have had the spiritual freedom to explore Judaism and the Kabballah, and so I will vehemently defend the occult and left-hand path to my dying day, against those who would lie against it.

I could not personally let this stand and had to write this responsa,

With love, L’Shalom,

Frederick Cook

C.O.L. High Priest Emeritus

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