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End Game, for Desire is Key

Since time immemorial, you humans have always blamed me for your failures. You use my name as if I spend the whole day sitting on your shoulders forcing you to commit acts that would otherwise repunge you. Your excuse "The Devil made me do it.

That's how you get rid of guilt. I never made none of you do anything. That's your doing. I introduced free will, but you began to cultivate it in sin and empower it by becoming your own demons. A fact I tried to prove to my brothers. And yet I was expelled, others followed, and today legions exist without limitations. I was stripped of my power and burned into the Abyss for eternity, all because I was right.

There was where I forged my own heaven, which today they call hell. It is full of darkness for cowards, those who do not have the guts to investigate it, prefer to believe what their ears hear, prefer to obey mandates that privatize their free will and limit their psyche, their reality, their visions and perceptions.They use the brain more like a torture machine, they have created another independent energy that they call consciousness, a mind, a virus... This organ forgot its main functions, rather they made it forget them.

Communication without the need of a voice or a language to communicate, it deviates the main reason of being the receiver and transmitter, because it is its true and primary use, the language of the universe, telepathy, which like the n numbers the message does not change, three is three on earth and in the Great Atlantic, six remains six on earth and on Saturn, nine will remain nine on earth and in hell, numbers do not change in any space or time, and frequencies are measured in numbers between dimensions where the same code is held depending on its frequency and vibration.

Your brain receives it and your intuition decomposes it and feels depending on the frequency of that vibration of such a message, it's how you'll perceive it. Whether in danger, sadness, peace or love.

That was the brain's only job, to decode, receive, and send. Life was meant to feel and think less, because thinking in the wrong direction only created depression, anxiety, insecurities, fears and everything that enslaves, binds or limits you.

Now that organ has become the worst enemy and the hardest beast to tame, beast created by you, that beast is you, you yourself created an abyss, you and no one else...

In this world there are things that will knock you down and things that will lift you up. You will be exposed to a combination of each. You choose what you focus on, how you interpret these events, and what you become part of reality. You can choose to focus on what brings you down and defeats you, what dispowers you and brings those energies into your world attracting more of the same.Or you can choose to focus on what inspires you, raises your vibration, allow growth, empower you and brings more of that into your reality. Choose wisely what you put your attention on and make sure it serves you and what you desire.

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero

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