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Church of Lucifer membership requirements

⦁ Must be 18 years of age or older.
⦁ Must have no other affiliations with religious orders, organizations, covens etcetera. 
⦁ Must comprehend and be in agreement with our public documents.
⦁ Must be willing to be an active participant in your learning and growth. This is in reference to setting aside time to study, theorize, practice and learn to apply the tenants of Luciferianism.

Church of Lucifer membership benefits

⦁ Learn, grow and consistently progress in TRUE Luciferianism and its international mother church.
⦁ The ability to meet others on the path and to share experiences and tips, ritualize, work together, build friendships, and commune with like minds.
⦁ Invitations to private meetups, lectures (online and offline), conclaves, convocations etcetera.
⦁ Private, online means of communication within the whole of the Church of Lucifer.
⦁ Membership certificate (Digital, suitable for printing) and membership identification card (sent via snail mail).
⦁ Members only standardized curriculum and course learning materials; from the very beginning, through the ninth and final degree.



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