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Leading the Onslaught! (In response to my interview on Maltese National TV)

Lucifer, is the ‘morning star’. It's an old term for the planet Venus. Venus appears first in Isaiah (in Hebrew - as Heylel - of course) where it is clearly a metaphorical title for a human king. It also makes numerous appearances in the New Testament, mostly in a way that clearly has no connection to the Satan character.

Therefore, yes, what is being implied is that it so happens that the rhetoric that Satan and Lucifer are the same thing, is a rhetoric that fits only those in power.

The name became mixed up with the Devil much later (in early Christianity the term obviously had no such connotations - it was occasionally used as a title for Jesus in early prayers and hymns.

The Luciferian ideology tests those who have the potential for spiritual growth to bless them with His flame which awakens their kundalini. Lucifer is a force of nature. Although He can manifest Himself in a human form, you cannot judge him according to human standards. He is neither good, nor evil. He is beyond these two categories. What He wants from those that follow him is to become whole again.

Alas the confusion rages on as to whether Lucifer and the Devil named Satan are one and the same. It is one of the oldest religious conspiracies that is still in effect to this very day. This is no surprise, seeing that nearly almost all of Christians are simply not educated on the bible, its history or the true meanings behind many of the biblical passages and the words that are contained in this book.

I have studied various religions and my sole intention here is to educate you by telling you the truth in the simplest manner possible. In doing so, I ask that you please keep an open mind and that you do not shoot the messenger.

The facts are Lucifer is mentioned only once in the Bible. ” How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning.” Isaiah xiv. 12.

Not any other time is Lucifer mentioned and at no time has it been mentioned in conjunction with Satan or the Devil. Hence, any assumptions you may have that Lucifer is Satan or the Devil are false and simply based on heresy. What this means is that you need to get educated by reading about the subject yourself. If you think I AM lying or trying to mislead you, then the burden of proof is on you to prove me wrong. This is done not just by stating your alleged facts, but by also providing actual evidence which I bet that you will never be able to accomplish in a million years.

This case solved. Lucifer is NOT Satan or the Devil.

As they say, ignorance is bliss and knowledge is power. I choose knowledge.

Jesus says of himself, “I am the bright morning star” which is a definition of Lucifer. Does that mean Jesus is calling himself the devil? No. Because Lucifer is a description not a person.

Anyone who can speak Aramaic knows that the actual word Lucifer NEVER appears in the Bible. In Aramaic the literal translation of the word is “to howl” … and in the usual convoluted way which is typical of translations from Aramaic to English, somehow became Lucifer.

Lucifer was considered the angel of light, the most beautiful of angels in my upbringing. I interpret Genesis this way…the serpent was Lucifer, sent by the Divine to ignite the Divine spark within Eve by encouraging her to eat the fruit of Knowledge. Eve upon doing so, encouraged Adam to eat of the Fruit. The Demiurge (lesser God spawned from Sophia) was furious with Lucifer (serpent) and cursed him. The Demiurge cast Adam and Eve out of Eden, never to return.

Lucifer is the light. That light represents the Divine spark in all life. That spark can be found and felt through natural state like Meditation. As Humans are conscious and have conscience due to possessing knowledge, that to me is better than blind ignorance which is how the Demiurge would have us if he could….by the power of this myth… The lesson to be learned from Genesis is that Knowledge is Enlightenment…though many use it for power….The Demiurge sought to burn the messenger, Lucifer…That being said the Demiurge is more like Satan than Lucifer will ever be.

Your confusion suggests intelligence, but there is only term you keep using that is not befitting someone as smart as you – “we deserve” and “rightfully deserve”. What makes us so worthy of anything? you, me, humans as a whole – rightfully deserve nothing. There is not a single quality or trait or accomplishment that affords you luxury. Until we earn the right, to heaven, to peace, freedom or property, we deserve nothing.

Most humans remain neutral, passive and altogether ineffective their entire lives. Doing nothing, being harmless does not infer goodness. I’d argue quite the opposite. When you’ve earned it, you’ll take it and no one human or otherwise will question it.

The Intellectual elite of the world found a way to control the ignorant masses of the world who are suffering from the greed of the ruling class. The oppressed masses has been fooled into believing that, their problems or suffering are due to the work of the devil, Whoever the devil may be. No, I am not disputing the fact that you have bad people and good people but whatever happened to free will?

Agios Luciferi - Patrick Gaffiero

34th Generation High Priest

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