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Lucifer Fell for Love of Earth...

So first of all, who is Satan? Are Satan and Lucifer interchangeable? Did Lucifer change his name to Satan after his fall, much the same as Israel got his name after his night of wrestling the angel of the Lord?

In the beginning there was nothing and then God spoke (when god “speaks” it means he is creating). He said “Let there be light.” What does the name Lucifer mean?

It means Light. Or light bringer. So Lucifer was Gods first creation! He was firstborn and as such he was entitled to His inheritance. Which was basically all of creation.

So why was God the father not bothered to watch over his own creation? I dont know. Maybe because he has to obey the same rules and laws that he himself imposes. But i think it was because God exists outside of time and therefore would not be able to interact or interfere with creation without interfering with our free will. So it was given unto his firstborn. Lucifer.

He wanted his inheritance to be like himself, knowing good from evil. God the father expressly forbade that and as a result, Lucifer, once most beloved of God, fell from grace.This opened up a literal Pandora’s Box of problems. Disease, poverty, famine, pestilence, war and inevitably the d-word. Death.

Veiled with amnesia (pp1 molecule) like all people of Earth … Solomon's Temple veiled third room third eye while we are learning the Powerhouse of our mind.

Quest For Love Quest for light Quest for Eternal 3rd EyeSight.

Corinthians says The Last Enemy to destroy is Death. Only when it's broken because we love* do we learn how to fix it. Only when it's sick because we love *do we learn how to heal it and only when it dies because we love* do we learn how to make it live.

We are all Genesis genetics geniuses from first light the only difference is age on the mind. We are all created equal complete unique individual Immaculate conceptions from first LIGHT.

Ain Soph Aur - Patrick Gaffiero

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1 Comment

Sun White & Black
Sun White & Black
Oct 29, 2023

thanks dear rev. Patrick, so is, is simple, too,,,,,was wrote.....too....

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