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Luciferian Reincarnation

By Reverend Frederick Ambrogio, C.O.L. Tribunal 1996-2018

The concept of reincarnation is not mutually exclusive to Buddhist thought and in fact, Luciferians understand reincarnation in a slightly different approach. Firstly, we do not believe in Karma, this would be more in kin with the concept of the three-fold law or law or retribution. If Karma were real, much like a sewer, the scum wouldn’t rise to the top in politics. If Karma were real, shady businessmen wouldn’t be able to bilk the unsuspecting innocent out of their futures, then retire comfortably.

If karma were real, curses and hexes and spells to bend individuals will be out of the question in the left-hand path. Though we don’t adhere to the conceptualization of Karma, we do indeed believe in a form of reincarnation.

The Luciferian view is that all things are life, the plants, the trees and the unfathomable amount of fauna...this includes the earth and its many diverse scrapes. When a life ceases, we believe the spirit or soul of that life returns to the black well, where it is one with the collective of all living things. This much has been mentioned in the article “What is Luciferianism?”

The absu/black well is infinite in scope, it is the vastness of the black vacuous void of other words, it is observable to humanity, and we have some knowledge of it. When life is created, it is given a soul/spirit, which is made up of random essence from the black well. Think of it like this, you take a cup and fill it with capfuls of different brands of purified water, which all mingle together into one small body of water. When you take a drink from that cup, it is indiscernible which brand of purified water was in each sip or gulp.

Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed or controlled and a soul or spirit is a type of energy and therefore the soul is indeed immortal. Knowing this, death is then not an end, it is a period of transition from the earthly known, to the unknown of the black well.

No amount of good or bad holds sway over what one comes back as, it is chaos, random and even the kindest, nicest individual may come back as a flea. We are merely the universe experiencing itself and if we’ve learned anything at all, is that the universe is chaos. From chaos there is order…. Ordo ab chao!

Some of us may have fragments of souls from any age, this includes animals, trees, ancient humans (cavemen), even dinosaurs, this is why when studying past lives, there’s always blank portions, no one can chart their every incarnation. Sure, some individuals may know of quite a few iterations within their spirit, but a tree without eyes cannot see, an ant who has lived a day before being squashed doesn’t have much of a memory embedded on their soul.

Soul mates are explainable through this, as two or more individuals may have fragments from the same soul and feel that deeply embedded connection. This is why some have significant others (Plurally speaking) and or friends close as family in this same lifetime. I have heard people say many times “Love at first sight,” or that they are so deeply connected to someone that they can’t explain it.

This isn’t all sunshine however, confusion can also manifest from having many fragments of souls within, especially when those fragments come from diametrically opposing individuals. Throughout human history, great atrocities have been committed, horrible ideologies born and all of us share in these things through our souls and ancestry. Science has recently concluded that memories from our ancestors can be passed through our DNA, therefore we find no oddity that Luciferians have for centuries believed the soul houses memories as well.

Another facet of life this explains, are irrational fears and phobias that people have, as we have no doubt died many times in past lives by these things. Things that we truly cherish and like more than most other people, like foods or beverages, a certain texture or scent, these may also be linked to a fragment of soul within us.

All of these things when wholly understood, generally lead a Luciferian to have a bit more compassion for other lives, as you never know what might share in a fragment of your own soul. Luciferians are generally more accepting of other people's choices in life, as long as those choices don’t impede on their own choices and free will.

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