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On Chaos, Silence & Creativity

Consider Luciferians as singular universes who share similarity through diversity. The light combined that shines in the dark, casts its own shadow upon those who simply pose as practitioners of this path. This combined light is a multi-verse of possibilities of realities while keeping in resonance with our archetype of Lucifer the light bringer.

My inspiration comes from mainly two sources. One is associated with the chaos of life, like a crashing wave of information and impressions. It could be a concept at work that captures my interest, a book I am reading, or a website, or even an online video about any subject that I am interested in. The other is when I find inspiration in being calm, or meditating, that is when I try to think about nothing or not to be attached to expectations, feelings, emotions, concepts, ideas, or form.

The mind balances itself among the two extremes of calm and chaos, although people rarely take advantage of these extremes, as they tend to get caught up in the moment. Try to go with the flow. Ride the storm and enjoy it as an active observer, using every opportunity to catch something interesting that may fuel your inspiration, creativity, and ability to appreciate Life.

Enjoy solitude too, and the silence and peace of mind that arise when you finally block everything out, even for a moment. Every moment, chaotic or silent, is an opportunity for creativity.

Creativity is the spur of Idea that will be under the direction of Will to be set into Action. This is what some people call doing The Great Work. As a practitioner of this path, and through mostly written work, I express words, ideas, and thought forms that I hope come together as simple art. That is my performance.

The main point of expressing yourself as a Luciferian is not limited to peddling ideas, it’s about performing, capturing interest, evolving around people who evolve, sharing the experience, not just at an intellectual level, but thought forms, that can be shaped into such organic-ness they almost take on a life of their own, like when a musical artist creates a piece of music, that later another musical artist uses for inspiration, then creates something entirely new and so on.

Luciferian art and work should express our limitless potential as our own ultimate authority over ourselves, in respect and love for life and what true freedom is about, and all the responsibilities and risks that come with having all the power and glory in the universe.

Lucifer means ‘light-bringer’. The Light we bring shines as an example for others as well as inspiration for ourselves to constantly improve towards perfection.

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero

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