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On Lucifer & Luciferian Witchcraft

Luciferianism has never been a defined religion, but rather a belief system that admires and venerates the characteristics and personality traits exhibited by Lucifer. Although Luciferianism is often confused with Satanism due the fact that Satan is defined as a fallen Lucifer, in reality, Luciferians do not worship Satan in any way and instead model themselves after the original Lucifer, a character of enlightenment, independence, and progressiveness.

An Illuminated Being Who Chooses Rather Than Idolizes, Luciferianism is about the seeking of knowledge from both within and without. While many of practitioners do recognize Lucifer as an actual being, they envision him quite differently than Christians do, and they are in no way dependent on him in the same way that followers of other religions regard their key figures.

Luciferians model themselves after Lucifer purely by choice, not out of doctrine or expectation. Luciferian witchcraft is one aspect of the black magick path, and though it’s not as common as others, I have seen many people asking about it.

There seems to be some confusion about the being known as Lucifer. In some spiritual circles, Lucifer is known as the “light-bringer” and is the God paired with the Goddess Diana. This is typically an Italian or Stregherian approach, and these two figures were the parents of Aradia, the Goddess of witches.

But more often, Lucifer is seen as another name for the Christian devil or Satan. That’s the viewpoint we’re taking here. The general approach is that Lucifer was once an angel who fell from heaven (as told in Biblical history), but that doesn’t necessarily make him the fully evil figure of Christian myth. He is better connected to mankind and embraces both the light and dark sides of magickal energy.

Luciferian witchcraft tends to be a blend of ceremonial magick that uses a lot of sigils (magickal symbols), talismans and various forms of sex magick. It’s not really the same as Satanism or “devil-worship” but is a true form of witchcraft that goes beyond the belief in a Satanic figure.

Ok, so, Lucifer, who we all know as The Devil, is known for being evil because of what The Bible says and The Church. We all thought that He is bad because we were listening to everything they said but we never wondered if it was real.

Well, let me tell you that The Bible is a lie. Nothing is real because it was written by other people. Not by Jesus or God himself. The God that you know is a liar. He killed an entire race, He got a woman that was married to another man pregnant against her will, He encouraged at some point rapes, cheating on your partner, He will only save you if you accept Him as your only true God, you pray to Him but He never answer, and so on and so forth. The most important sayings and key teachings of Jesus are found in two gospels not found in the Bible, the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Mary. So, from what you’ve read by now, is God good? I don’t think so.

Now, let’s focus a bit on Lucifer. He was created as The Morning star, The Light Bringer. The most beautiful angel that God could’ve created. Even God loved Him. Then He started a war against God and He got banished and sent to Hell to rule over all the fallen angels and to punish the damned. Well, we have to ask ourselves what has He done that got Him sent to Hell?

Well, nothing bad. He didn’t kill an angel, nor attempted to kill God. Lucifer was different. He didn’t want to listen to the word of God and only His word. Lucifer knew that He could make a better job at ruling over us than God. He attempted to take God’s place because He didn’t like what God had in plan and this got Him banished. Lucifer had free will, just like us, humans. I don’t see what’s evil here.

Second, He rules over Hell as one of the four crowned princes and punishes the damned. Only the damned. He could’ve chosen to tempt the good so He could have more souls to torture, yet He never did that. If you are tempted to sin, it’s because you want to. Not because “The Devil made you do it”.

There would be many more things that could prove that God is the one who is really evil. Not Lucifer. But if this thing really represents an interest to you, then seek out the truth for yourself because I could go on and on about why God is the true evil and yet, you may never believe that what am I saying is true. You may stand your ground and think that this is all just a lie, but is it now?

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