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One of the questions that still remain to be answered is: what does it mean that the human being becomes a God?

"Divinity" can be understood in different ways. It must be remembered that the reality around us is a question of how one perceives the existing forces of the Universe. The world is way beyond the control of man, his remnants or his hidden powers. The process of initiation, which the follower of the Occult path is subjected to, gradually bring about these powers.

Confrontation with the individual aspects of consciousness takes a deep look within one’s personality and gives knowledge about what lies within us and the world at large. Knowledge and understanding of these forces which together form part of ourselves and the universe, allow us to live life according to our will.

To achieve this, it is essential to go through a difficult process of transmutation which begins from within each and every one of us.

The symbolic exile of man from the Garden of Eden, like the symbolic significance of Lucifer's fall, both in truth represent the search for individual divinity, and darkness becomes a metaphor that transcends beyond frames imposed by a god or indeed light.

Through Darkness, man shines his own light, becoming the creator of his own world. The journey through darkness is also the spiritual evolution of mankind.

The Garden of Eden is but a metaphor for a time where man needed to feel safe and was dependent on a higher force. Leaving the Garden of Eden was in itself a step towards maturity, independence, freedom but also one of taking responsibility for oneself.

Taking this step is to veer closer to the path of the left hand - walking on this path means abandoning the safety of light and seeing the unknown. One descends into the abyss of darkness to find freedom and divinity there.

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