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The Inverse pentagram

Firstly, a pentagram is simple a five pointed star, a pentacle is a star within a circle. Much has been misrepresented regarding the pentagram, but I will only go into what it actually means in its myriad of representations.

The pentagram is an ancient symbol carved amongst glyphs in some of the oldest cave artworks. The first full understanding of the symbol came by way of Pythagoras and the cult of Pythagoras. It first represents the self-made and replicating individual, as it had no beginning or end and could continuously keep repeating itself.

The second representative qualities are the five points, used to represent earth, air, fire, water and aethyr/spirit. The elements represented are each seen as one of the powers of this realm in its natural embodiment. Magick, music, art etc. were seen as indistinguishable from one another and interconnected with mathematics, science, astrology and geometry, which helped alongside the elements, to breed natural order.

The five points also represented the fingers used to weave and create and the toes used to walk the path.

- Reverend Fred

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