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The Luciferian Awakening - The Spiritual War.

In India they say, “Knowledge in the books stays in the books.”

And it’s true.

So, you need a strategy — you need to learn how to “operate” a book. You have to look at the book like you’d look at a talking parrot. When the parrot says, “God is love,” the parrot doesn’t know what it’s saying.

But you do.

You’re the book, see?

And almost never is this taught.

You’re the author of everything you ever read.

Don’t get me wrong, the words in books say it all, oh yes, they do. All the truths are there . . .IF YOU ARE . . . but your level of consciousness may not be quiet enough to glean the most subtle meanings. And for most folks, that’s the rub — they’re not consciously subtle enough to provide the books with the ultimate meaning the books “point to.”

So, if a book says, “Awareness is prior to consciousness,” what do you do? Believe me — that’s one of the most difficult concepts to grasp. Decades long meditators can yet find incredible depths yet to discover by dwelling on the concept. Reading the words, once, does not install that truth in your point of view.

But by reading the words and then deeply considering them — then the books’ words will eventually be enlivened with the resonant truths, because “deep consideration” on them is actually “looking within at quieter levels of the mind — even if the target concept is not being entertained.” This increases the sensitivity of the attention — it amplifies the acuity of the inner eye. Thus, by such “deep consideration practice,” one gradually “grows the nervous system needed for the task at hand.

And then, so what? Answer: not much. I am now a good parrot — a walking book — I repeat what the God Guys told me. But, of course, the knowledge inspired me to regularly meditate to get ever quieter within. Deep consideration of books only gets you so far. Meditation takes you where words are useless. When concepts fail, silence is the new currency.

Ultimately, silence inside informs outside.

All meaning comes from within.

No wonder the yogi says, “Reside in silence.”

Bottom line?

Perfect silence is a library.

It has every book.

Including all those yet to be written.

There were on the planet where the Little Prince lived…as on all planets… good plants and bad plants. In consequence, there were good seeds from good plants, and bad seeds from bad plants but seeds are invisible They sleep deep in the heart of the earth’s darkness. Until someone among them is seized… with the desire to awaken.

Rise, Awake, or be forever fall'n Luciferians!

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero

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