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The meaning of life- Journey of an occultist

From the Bible, according to Solomon, the son of David, who was known far-and-wide for his wisdom, he found much of life to be ‘meaningless!’ In chapter 1 of Ecclesiastes, Solomon says, “Meaningless! Meaningless! Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.” He explains what he means by that throughout the book, revealing that he has come to realize there are only two ways by which man approaches life. In the 1st, a man goes about the task of working all his life to store up treasures that he can’t take with him when he dies and then others inherit all that HE has toiled for. There is no satisfaction in that approach, and no contentment, and compares it to ‘chasing after the wind.’ Something that is always moving, so you can never attain it.

As for the meaning of life, it is completely subjective. Man makes his own meaning. However, there is no objective meaning to life.

Here are some rules to follow in order to live a meaningful and enjoyable life.

1. Don’t take it for granted: Out of nowhere, you came out of the whom and you now exist. You have a limited-time offer of existence so make the most of it.

2. Don’t live your life based on the opinions of others: Humans are all the same. They are born, they live, and they die. Don't worry about what other people think. Their time is limited just like yours. Live your life the way you want to live it.

3. Only worry and care about those who worry and care about you: Once again, your time is limited. Spend your time with people who are worth spending time with.

4. Find a job you enjoy: Once again, your time is limited. Enjoy your job or try and find a new job if you don't like your job. Time is money and life is time and money. Spend it wisely.

5. Meet someone new every day: Talk to anybody. Over time, you will build memories of talking to all kinds of people and remembering the stories they have told you. You can learn a lot from anybody that you talk to.

6. Have a great love and sex life with someone you care about.

7. Enjoy the little things.

8. Accept that you will die one day: The longer you can't accept death, the more you are already dead. The more you accept death, the more time you will spend being alive and living life.

9. Go with the flow: Go where life takes you and expect nothing good or bad. Life is like a box of chocolates you know.

10. Don’t dwell on the past: The way you think of things determines your future. Focus on the present and accept your past to enjoy your future.

Life is not a serious phenomenon. Take it seriously you will Lose it. It is a natural cycle of a huge creation by whom we don't know. You got it so play it. Enjoy its pros and cons.

Accept it as it is not as you want it to be. The moment you are here, just present, is life. forget past. Don't think about the future. Only this moment.

Stop thinking. Be thoughtless. be full of feelings. Full of life.

They claim “this isn’t the only game in town.” That we choose this planet for a variety of reasons, but we can choose lifeforms elsewhere on different planets. I would have initially thought those answers were crazy, but when thousands of people claim the same thing which is outside their own conscious awareness of the planet, at the very least the answers have to be examined and compared.

Further, they claim that we come here specifically to learn lessons or teach lessons. Often the lessons are related to something we individually are working on, sometimes they’re related to lessons or teachings we are working on with our “soul group” - those individuals we often incarnate with. They too might have chosen a life that relates to an overall theme - like “addiction” “courage” or “letting go.” It depends upon the themes that the soul group is working on together, like a university class, or a doctoral thesis for an entire group of people.

But they also claim that we can say “no” to a particular suggestion of a lifetime, the suggestion being made by our guides and counselors, friends and loved ones. So that’s an element as well. It’s not like we are forced to come here (by karma or some other source) but it’s that we choose to come here because we “think we can handle it” or “believe we can learn or teach lessons this time around.”

This is not a theory, belief, or philosophy. It is just what people consistently say while under deep hypnosis about the journey of souls. And they say each lifetime is a choice that we make with our spiritual guides. So it’s really up to you to answer the question individually. Why did you choose this lifetime? What is the meaning of your life?

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