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the thinning of the veil - journey of an occultist

What is it to be an embodied light-bearer, who illuminates and integrates the sacred darkness?

-You will be the target of inordinate and unsupported jealousy and rage

-You will trigger everyone's wounding and they will project their own 'stuff' onto YOU

-You will be subject to every possible type of manipulation and backstabbing

-You will be demanded of, by others, to give *everything* including your soul, and receive little or nothing in return

-You will ask not to be on a pedestal, yet many will try to put you there just so they can have the power to then violently tear you down AND STILL, *YOU* - and perhaps YOU ALONE - will take responsibility for steadfastly and directly *holding the line* - a sacred boundary with regards to all the above - not enabling it or feeding into the drama and manipulations or projections, nor growing hard and cynical, nor becoming too fearful or emotionally shut down to continue, nor ceding your power in a way that sacrifices you to the idol, nor projecting 'back' upon the one who feels so entitled to do so to you.

You will declare to yourself and the Universe, "I WILL BE THE ONE TO BREAK THIS. I will stand in the fire of the anger, jealousy, hatred and malign of the other - which is not and never was mine - and I will TRANSMUTE IT INTO POWER, into an entirely new vibration and the realm of love and extraordinary beauty and magic, in which personal responsibility and sovereignty reigns, in which we are all understood and known as equal and divine, in which the hierarchy gives way to the circle, in which God/dess is honored in all.

You will also feel hurt often, worn down, and unsure. At times you will fall and fail. You will wonder if you can continue, but YOU WILL CONTINUE because your soul remembers and BURNS with the deep knowing that you came here EXACTLY FOR THIS. You will become ever clarified and trued, and as you do, nothing at all will have a hold on you. And you will become the miracle incarnate, and people will adore and despise you for it.

But it ceases to matter: because those who are ready for your beauty will become beautified by your courage that ceaselessly activates their own. And the rest will fall away when they realize they cannot have you.

Because what you have BECOME is the deepest most satisfying love and fulfillment anyone could ever know and that the world has ever seen.

And I will be standing there, right next to you

Ain Soph Aur - Patrick Gaffiero

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1 Comment

Leonard Neal
Leonard Neal
Jan 20, 2023

Love it.

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