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On a daily basis I am asked the question “How can I become a Luciferian” or “Help me become a Luciferian”. And believe you me there are people who have some quite strange ideas about what it means to become a Luciferian. Some of the strange questions I get asked is; do people have a soul and if so, can they sell their soul to Lucifer so as to “make a deal” and variations of this nonsense in full flow.

First of all, please realize that Lucifer is not the Devil, and even if you have a soul, you cannot “sell” it. Why do people consider stuff like this? Has all the years of negative programming by ‘the powers that be’ corrupted the mind this much???

Second Lucifer is an archetype. To know Lucifer you must know yourself, adopt the correct posture, and then you and Lucifer will become one.

Third, while it will help to have some magickal / occult / mystical experience, it is by no means a requirement, however since I am an occultist; I prefer to use this knowledge in my work, in dealing with being humane, and ultimately a better Luciferian. Balance your internal stuff before you manifest and realize your full potential.

Fourth, while I can plug books from everywhere, I require you who come to me for answers, to be able to at least have some basic education and to know or be able to read a book and take the time to study material and to practice. Also, I am VERY picky about who I mentor so do not expect that I will work much to help you if for some reason you don’t read books or put in dedication and the hard work required.

Fifth and most importantly, just as there can be no single authority on magick, there can be no single authority on Lucifer and Luciferianism.

Agios Luciferi - Patrick Gaffiero

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