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Killing the Buddha

So, we have come to understand that in Luciferianism, there is no central authority. The Christians have their Bible, the Jews have their Torah, the Satanists have LaVey and the Thelemites have Aleister Crowley. We have no one, and we have everything. We can point to the truth when it surfaces, but the real truth is never static.

We are the Zen Buddhists of the West. We don’t like authority but we can use authority, we are authority but we don’t like duality so we try to transmit the “true truth” or un-lie. We would also kill the Buddha.There’s an old saying, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.” Who’s that Buddha? What does it mean to “meet” the Buddha? What does killing the Buddha imply?

The historical Buddha, Shakyamuni, on attaining enlightenment, is said to have realized that all beings, just as they are, are Buddhas. If that’s so, meeting a Buddha on the road should be a pretty commonplace event!

“Killing the Buddha” means killing or wiping out the perceived image, the road to attain this is twofold: the exterior road where we look outside ourselves at those we perceive have all the answers, and the inner mind road, where we set up all the “parameters” we must obey to turn ourselves into the Buddhas we don’t believe we already are, but think we must become. It is said that Shakyamuni’s last dying words to his disciples were, “Be a lamp unto you.” Be your own light, your own authority, your own Buddha.

One could argue that it is the true message of Christ, the mystical version, not the Christian version. One could argue that it is the true legacy of Aleister Crowley. He certainly was his own light. His followers sometimes forget that they should follow his example, invent their own light, and not copy him. And so it goes for each and every prophet.

Thankfully I am in constant development, although sometimes things don’t just develop, the universe changes. In Luciferian terms, this is possibly why there can be no conformity in our path, meaning that two Luciferians may characteristically share same symptoms of the Luciferian path, but still have vastly different worldviews and of course may have different levels of initiation.

Occultists like me often end up in different esoteric orders with completely different worldviews, and as an occultist one can get used to juggling these different ways of looking at the universe – and everything is nice and dandy, well, until the day comes when you realize that you changed your own universe, not how you look at it but you changed the universe you lived in.

I am still very much Luciferian and will always be to the core, I just survived my own apocalypse – thankfully I am told that this is the norm – once you undergo certain initiations things are never ever the same.

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero

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