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"Non Desistas Non Exieris"

The very word and concept of "Lucifer" has been so misunderstood across the ages that it has caused in equal measure both awe and repulsion amongst civilizations.

The Alchemist Ambrosius wrote, that in the beginning of creation on a dark and stormy night, the first ray that emerged from the blackness was called Lucifer: the bringer of light.

It was the first light, the first sound, the first lightning, the only eternal flash of light; and Lucifer himself exclaimed: “I will be remembered as the eternal rebel; the one who broke the tranquility of darkness and infinite ignorance.

I am the spirit in motion, hungry for knowledge through this deep and dark universe." Do they not call rebels, those same people who by opening their eyes and expanding their consciousness, decide to know themselves better and go against the rules imposed by society?

Thus, Lucifer understood his mission: to raise consciousness amongst the unconscious, to obtain wisdom from ignorance, to draw light from darkness. And so, he fell towards Earth, into the pain of matter, to help mankind rise spiritually. And in so doing man self-conquered and announced Lucifer’s arrival to three different towns and a valley.

- The first people adored images of stone, imaginary deities, to which they sang and prayed. Lucifer saw this and told them that this was unnecessary, that power and divinity are within oneself; the inhabitants did not accept this and called it blasphemous, so Lucifer continued on his path.

- The second town was made up of even more blind and ignorant people. They proclaimed to have a God prone to sacrifice and punishment, called themselves "the chosen people", considered to be superior to others and worthy to conquer all. Lucifer told them that this God was a false god, a projection of themselves, of their ignorance, ambition and aggression. They called him blasphemous, but these people were more ignorant than the previous lot, and they beat him to death and buried him. But he rose from the rubble, even though his body had been broken, his spirit was intact, and so he persevered on his path.

- The third town was more beautiful and luxurious, and in the main square was written on a column of gold and precious stones the phrase "everything has a price". The God of this town was money, and for this the people sold their women, daughters, even themselves. Lucifer felt disgusted by these people, and cried to them that he would never be a servant or a slave of belonging; so once again, he left and followed his path. This time around, some, recognizing something different, decided to follow him and even offered him money to reveal his secrets, but Lucifer would not be bought.

- Then he came to a valley where a great battle had taken place, Lucifer felt hard pressed to see any difference between the dead bodies lying there and the people of the villages he had visited, for “the living had not understood that they were actually dead by their own ignorance ".

There he stumbled upon a wounded man whom he healed. This man asked him who he was, to which he replied: “I am the bringer of light, the conscience that manifests itself in human form. I am the force inside every being, every man and woman, every beast, everything."

Lucifer decided to seek solitude upon a mountain, but many people sought him out, word had got around of his healing prowess, and thus Lucifer became a teacher, first of few and after many. He taught everyone that clarity and wisdom was already in the heart of every living being.

But people once again stopped looking inwards and instead began to direct their attention to the outer self, to the image of the master, to worship and become dependent on him. Seeing this Lucifer decided to gather them and announce that he had decided to leave this world. His followers were dismayed.

So, Lucifer gave them one last lesson, encompassing this truth: “Only he, who knows himself, his reasons for being, his destiny and ceases to be part of the herd, will ever find the True Light."

The influence that Lucifer or the concept of Lucifer has had on society has been misinterpreted; instead, many have set out to demonize everything related to “this new era".

Lest we forget, is it not Lucifer that is now calling the church Dark? Is it not in the Bible, the book of Job, that he is given the name son of God, the shining star of the morning?

The first archangel that sprouted from the depths of chaos was called Lux (Lucifer), the bright son of the morning, Stella Matutina. Was it not the church that demonised the name, because it was older and higher than their God, and had to be sacrificed to accommodate their dogma!

LVX - Patrick Gaffiero

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