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I have worked with Lucifer for a long time now. I do work on a daily basis with the Dark Lords, but Lucifer holds a special place in my heart.

He is wise and intelligent and very big on enlightenment and helping one discover their potential and inner power. He also has unique abilities to help you access hidden regions of power within your aura/body. He has helped me to develop my healing art. He also has incredible insights into things and can be philosophical in conversation.

One interesting conversation brought the following about;

“In this world, there are things that will knock you down and things that will raise you up. You will be exposed to a combination of each. You choose what you focus on, how you interpret these events and what you make a part of your reality. You can choose to focus on what brings you down and defeats you, what disempowers you and brings those energies into your world attracting more of them. Or you can choose to focus on what inspires you, raises your vibration, allows for growth, empowers you, and you will bring more of that into your reality. Choose wisely what you put your attention on and make sure it is serving you and what you desire.”

He told me that when we engage, it is a daily routine, it conditions our nervous system and it becomes naturally accustomed to entering the place of inner silence and moving energy vibrations through it, manifestation becomes easier and effortless over time. This increases our own awareness and mental clarity and gives us a foundation to expand ourselves and our abilities.

Our conversation shifted to the possibilities that could be explored and how I could use the abilities to attain my goals.

We entered a conversation on Manifestation.

Einstein once said, “We can either consider everything a miracle or nothing.”

This is true, either everything we see before us is the result of something profound and amazing or nothing is. Powerful Manifestation takes place from a state of stillness, a void of nothingness and possibilities. Lucifer said that stillness is inside of us, and by reaching this spiritual stillness we can insert vibrations into the stillness manifesting our own desires.

He said that by returning to my daily practice I would find mental clarity. Enter a state of calmness that would allow me to untangle chaos and the habits that were clouding my judgment, enter this state of silent awareness where creation would flow through me, this would open me up and reconnect me to divinity. He said the openness would remove blocks and emotional chaos and connect me on a deeper level with powerful forces that were there to aid me and inspire me.

Lucifer then shared with me the power of this stillness and how it is dynamic and connects to the body's nervous system. It is open and fluid and once our minds reach it we gain a level of control and understanding. We uncover a way to use it to change our physical vibrations and it is not as difficult as people seem to think. The mind likes to complicate things and cloud the truth with complex emotions. He said we have all had a moment in life where we connect to the stillness and allow things to just flow through us entering a state of prime productiveness, manifestation, and creation. But most do not know how to stay in that state, and they like to introduce complications and emotions to the equation when really, they just need to get back to this stillness.

He spoke of an interesting block many people have. That when we want something so badly and yet it continually seems to elude us, it can be because we are holding onto it too tightly. We are keeping it close to us, not allowing the vibration to enter the manifestation grid. He said it is helpful to let go of what we want and allow our desires to vibrate through the grid allowing them to fully manifest in our reality.

When we hold on too tightly, we stagnate the energy process and can cause great pain resulting in what we wish for never actually coming to us. He said when you enter the stillness release the energy vibrations of what you wish for into the stillness and let them manifest. Don’t hold so tightly onto them or you become a web of blocks. He said we can focus on what we want and think about it but let the energy release so that it can actually manifest for you, let it be fluid.

Pick two exercises in focus, then after the meditation that leads to this stillness. Do a spinal breathing exercise, this will awaken the next course of your journey, the power is already there in you, you just need to allow it to flow through you effortlessly.

This Journey is not one that ever terminates, we are always moving and growing, we take it one step at a time, as new doors open and present themselves and we discover the endless possibilities that await us. There is no end, only one amazing journey of increasing divinity and enlightenment.

Patrick Gaffiero

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