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Novus Ordo Luminis

When Lucifer declared to god, “Non-Serviam!” it was his own assertion of power and for this, he was ‘cast’ to the earth along with all of the other demons, devils, and gods into Pandemonium, the land beneath the earth, and otherwise known as hell.

From there he gathered his armies and with Satan and Belial at his side he declared independence for all who would follow his example.

Lucifer is a guiding force in our Church. His presence creates a balance between the dark and the light. There are many reasons why Luciferians identify with this fallen angel. Some believe that he offers wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment. I, personally find the strength of Lucifer to be an inspiration, a motivational spark from which many great things can be achieved.

So, what does Lucifer mean to YOU? Is He a bringer of enlightenment, A God, A Fallen Angel? How do you relate to HIM?

I constantly reflect upon ideas that come from my own inspiration and continue to be amazed about how beautiful and unique we are, while realizing, perhaps privately, that there are many more potential Luciferians out there who have not yet discovered their own path. I am convinced however that many more will follow in the years to come.

I am excited to live these times in which I feel are the pioneer days of Luciferianism, and that the things we do together, will directly and positively impact mankind in establishing the direction towards this unavoidable evolutionary step.

All change is painful; it will undoubtedly be painful for humanity to change at this fundamental level. In this time of transition, we will see much confusion, but already Luciferian ideology has become the very physical manifestation of something that enables limitless knowledge and limitless access to the collective mind.

Lucifer is no longer depicted as the devil; he has come back to our consciousness to bring us what we long for, resonating light and an end to ignorance, instead, allowing us to aim for the stars. In a few years, who will know where this will lead us?

Em Hotep - Patrick Gaffiero

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