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On Suffering

Suffering is a natural part of the human experience, but it does not have to control one’s life or drag one down. Too often individuals look for a temporary fix, anything to alleviate their suffering, while missing the lessons inherent in their suffering to fix it permanently. They are lonely, so they want a spell to find a mate, they are broken so they want a get rich quick spell, but that isn’t quite how anything works!

We suffer, not because we are cursed, doomed, it’s deserved or any of the other myriads of reasonings people attach to it, we suffer, to learn.

Leave no suffering or sadness to its own, learn from it, there are always lessons to be learned in the worst of times. If it is wasted, the suffering and sadness will repeat itself over and over until the lessons are learned. Grow from it, don’t allow the weight of it to bring about self-pity or to sink you lower. Learn and grow always….

The left-hand path is not one of pity, attention seeking or any other form of weakness, it is a path of constant growth. If you are not learning and growing from something, you are in effect, accepting it and welcoming it to return time and time again. Take the story of Satan for instance…

He was cast out of heaven and given the duty to torture the wicked… while some might think he’d suffered and, in the stories, he did at first… he learned his lesson and turned hell into his new heaven. He accepted his duty and excelled in his task, because he learned from past occurrences and grew from it. He didn’t want pity, instead, he said to hell with Jehovah and wore his crown of flame proudly!

We learn from our darkest times; it empowers us and helps us to grow and learn to avoid whatever caused the suffering in the first place. There is no suffering that cannot lead to personal growth, there is no suffering that doesn’t yield lessons to us!

Working out is tough on the body, but it makes you healthier, therapy is taxing on the mind, but helps work through emotional pain, strengthening the mind, suffering is tough on the spirit, but in turn, strengthens the spirit. Growing stronger has little to do with magick, it has everything to do with genuinely living the base tenets of the left-hand path and accepting suffering and learning its lessons.

Handle your suffering with dignity and pride and do not let pity or attention grow to be your emotional crutch or means to deal with suffering, you’ll learn nothing that way and only grow weaker. If you need to cry, do so in private, if you need to truly ask for relief to genuinely preserve your life, ask, don’t beg for it, but suffer well…

Reverend Fredrick Ambrogio

High Priest Emeritus

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