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Vox Populi Vox Dei

Luciferianism is a very small and individualistic path. As a rule of thumb, Luciferians agree and believe that morality is a natural occurrence. Everyone might have diverse beliefs regarding the afterlife, but generally, all Luciferians agree about some sort of enlightenment. Whatever comes after, nobody could honestly claim to know for certain.

As for belief in "supernatural beings", some Luciferians believe in angelic and demonic beings, sometimes multiple gods whilst others believe in a more deistic, pantheistic, panendeistic god. The belief in god does not affect Luciferianism, because whether one exists or not, one still must delve deep into oneself to connect. So, the outcome still remains the same, in seeking self-enlightenment.

Concerning religion, there is none, as spirituality and religion cannot coexist. Luciferianism is a path, a way of life. The magick is an intensely deep, personal, natural, and psychological thing. We are dealing with our own minds and the strength that comes from within.

Patrick Gaffiero

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